Experience no sleepless nights with electric beds

electric bedsAre you having trouble sleeping in your own bed? Does it feel uncomfortable and lead to back pain? Well! If your answer is yes then it is time to change your bed. There are various types of beds available in the market these days. And the best place to visit to check out the variety of mattress is ‘back to sleep’. They have adjustable beds, mattresses, pillows, sleeping quilts, and electric beds in Melbourne. They are very famous in the city and you can check out their products on backtosleep.com also.

‘Back to sleep’ is basically a pillow and mattress specialist company which is located in Balwyn, Melbourne. They are very well known for their products and services. They help you to sleep better as well as live better. ‘Back to sleep’ is actually the idea of Dr. George Skandalellis, one of Melbourne’s leading chiropractors. He had been hearing many of his patients complain about poor sleep and their experience; which is when Dr. Skandalellis decided to make this a better place to sleep in. He learnt more about mattresses and pillows and came up with his own line of pillow and mattress as a solution for everyone. His aim was to provide service to people such that they could access accurate information, suggestion and trust the product quality.

Dr. Skandalellis made research and experiments in his own clinic for almost two years and came up with ‘back to sleep’ range of product in 2004. With the help of his colleague and leading industry manufacturer he was able to develop, test and re-create the various range of products of ‘back to sleep’ pillows, mattresses, and also sleeping aids.

The first showroom of ‘back to sleep’ was opened in the year 2009. Several years of effort and dedication was put in while developing the product range in line, which would go along with the technological developments. At present, they also have a head office and showroom in Balwyn, Victoria. They are constantly upgrading their products and expanding the exclusive new range of products of ‘back to sleep’. The level of service provided at ‘back to sleep’ is beyond expectations. They have extensive knowledge about mattresses and pillows and will provide you the best expert advice.

The various range of products that are in ‘back to sleep’ are mattresses, adjustable beds, bedheads, pillows, quilts, bases, protectors, posture stool, massage chairs, and also sleeping aids. When you make a purchase at ‘back to sleep’, a part of your money also goes to the one in need. It is a contribution you make to the people who do not have the facilities to have a good, peaceful sleep.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to consult one of these experts if you think you are not getting proper sleep due to the mattress or the pillow. You can book a free consultation and if you are happy with the service they will come and set up the type of bed that perfectly suits you.

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