Let’s know more about cabinet refinishing

cabinet refinishing serviceDo you like the layout of your kitchen but not its colour? Are you afraid of the cost for remodelling? Well if the answer to these questions is yes, then the best solution for you is to opt for cabinet refinishing services. It is the fastest and most convenient way to upgrade your kitchen, as it will give your kitchen a new and stylish look in just a few days. During the process of refinishing, your house will be perfectly habitable. You can live in your house without any problem as there will be no major work of reconstruction. The refinishing process will help you to avoid any inconvenience and the cost that a remodelling process brings.

Professional workers can finish the work in just 3-5 days. After this, you can use your kitchen in a normal way. The workers are trained on keeping the classic look of the cabinets intact. In some of the companies, you will get an access to a tracker which will give you the details about the project and its status. You can also ask for a free quotation from the company to have an idea about the budget required to renovate your cabinets. Service providers use those materials only, which are completely harmless, durable and environment-friendly.

The refinishing process

Now that you have made up your mind to go forward with this new process, you should also know how it works. Below you will get step by step details about this process.

  • Consultation: It all starts with a proper home visit. One designer visits the house to get an idea about the architecture of your cabinets and to know about your own ideas and preferences. They will ask you to choose the colour for your cabinets and will also explain you about the quality of the material which will be used.
  • Measurement: When you give the project to a company, they will first start by taking a measurement of your cabinets. Then they will give you a quotation for the cost involved and will provide you with the date for starting of work.
  • Preparation: The installers will vacuum-clean and sweep the whole place. They will also mask the whole project area and remove all types of knobs from the cabinets. If the cabinets have holes, then they will also fill up all the gaps on the surface.
  • Cleaning: Cabinets are then cleaned thoroughly with a special kind of cleansing solution to remove every kind of dirt from them.
  • Apply the coating: After cleaning, the cabinets are rubbed with sandpaper to get smooth cover. A sealer is applied to seal the small pores. Then the coating of colours is either applied through hand or sprayed over the cabinets. After the first layer, another layer is sprayed for better protection. Then again, two coatings of sealer are applied to give a beautiful finish.
  • Last check: After you inspect the site and everything is satisfactory for you, then the installers will clean the site and you will get your dream kitchen.

If cabinet refinishing appeals to you, look online and check for the best cabinet refinishing service provider near your place and remodel your cabinets like you always wanted them to be.

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